The list of all the mandatory parts of a submission

1) A Submission delivered to the ADR Centre must contain the following parts:

a) the identification and contact information of the Parties, or their representatives, whereas such information are identifier of the user in the Registry, e-mail address, phone number and:

  • in case of legal person – name or business name, residence and identification number, if assigned
  • in case of physical person carrying out business activities – business name, date of birth, place of business and identification number, if assigned
  • in case of other physical persons – name, surname, address of residence and date of birth,

b) stating the Domain, which shall be the subject of the dispute,

c) truthful description of all the facts on which the Complainant is relying on as a basis for the claims,

d) providing evidence and stating facts supported by the said evidence,

e) specifying all other procedures that have been initiated or finished regarding the Domain, which is the subject of the dispute in the Submission; alternatively stating that no such other procedure exist,

f) the motion itself, i.e. stating the Complainant’s claim in accordance with these Rules of Procedure and the Rules of ADR,

g) information regarding the request of the Complainant to prevent transfer of the Domain in accordance with article 4.6.1. of the SK-NIC Rules, if such demand was made,

Preferred and recommended format of documents for communication via electronic means is Portable Document Format (PDF). In case of scanned documents, we recommend grayscale or black-and-white scanning (unless a colour scanning is not required by the nature of the document) in resolution 300 DPI. We recommend to sign the submission with a secured electronic signature, however it is not mandatory.

To initiate a dispute resolution, it is necessary to first create a user account on out on-line platform. Afterwards, it is possible to send a submission to the ADR Cetre via created user account.